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My goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you.  See what my clients have said about my real estate services...


ALuis Aguilera & Yollymar Serangelli

Luis Aguilera & Yollymar Serangelli

Mississauga ON.


Attn: Doug Grbic.

June 11, 2013

Luis Aguilera & Yollymar Serangelli

Mississauga ON.


Attn: Doug Grbic.

June 11, 2013


Mississauga ON.LlLLLLL

Luis Aguilera & Yollymar Serangelli

Mississauga ON.


Cc: Century 21 Miller Real Estate Ltd.  


When it comes to honesty and integrity there is one person that comes to our mind. Doug Grbic.


Recently my wife and I were looking to buy our first place, considering all the procedures and steps to be taken we were kind of nervous. One day we call to see a townhouse in Sunday morning, despite some other agents did not want to wake up that early, Doug confirm that he can showed us that house.


After viewing the house and talk a bit about our current situation Doug told us that he can look for any house we needed, however due to some changes in our situation we had to stop looking for a house for almost a month.


When our situation was normal again Doug called us, just to say hi and that is when we asked him for information of houses in a different city. Before the end of that day, we got an e-mail with several properties that fulfill our expectations.


We request to visit six properties in a long weekend, for Doug this is not a challenge. He did all the appointments and was ready to show us the properties in a single day.


After a really exciting day we finish and went home to discuss what the best option was. Doug guides us with comments as per the properties and the possible expenses behind a purchase and answered all of our questions clearly and fast.


During a long weekend we decided to make an offer. Doug, manage to make an appointment and gather owners and realtor to reach an agreement right there in the spot.


In less than an hour we close the deal and Doug outline the next steps without overwhelming us with information.


From that point until we close the deal we saw a transparent and fluent communication with the mortgage broker, realtor, lawyer and all parties involved, he showed every step in the process.


I consider Doug our friend and I believe that if somebody asks for a reference for a realtor this is the person they want to deal. Doug is an exceptional and hard worker but more important than that he is a warm and kind person that is worth to have as a friend.





Attn: Doug Grbic.

June 11, 2013






                                                                                                                 Sean and Maja Williams

                                                                                                                 London Ontario

Century 21 Attn:                                                                                    20th March 20, 2013

 Sheena Curran ,Bill Miller.

Cc: Doug Grbic                                                                                                                                                                   

Several years past we wanted to purchase a Toronto condo. We were given a reference to use Doug Grbic as our agent from a customer that was extremely happy with his past performance. We used Doug and were very happy with his representation; he was always available and willing to go beyond the norm to help us in our purchase. We had no regrets in choosing Doug and our purchase was a great success.

Four years later we had a change of situation and wanted to sell our condo. We didn't even think twice before calling Doug to represent us in the sale!

As we expected Doug was on top of his game, he knew what we should list our property for and is very knowledgeable in the market. Doug always gave us updates on our listing to let us know what was going on. His service and going beyond the call of duty is outstanding. We sold our unit for a great price in a very competitive market, I am sure this was a result of Doug's extra efforts.

One week prior to our closing I told Doug we were going to move our belongings from the unit, Doug showed up ( very classy) to wish us well in our new endeavors,  he rolled up his sleeves and started to help us. That's the kind of guy he is.

I would highly recommend Doug Grbic in any real estate representation; he is personable, professional, knowledgeable and an all-round great guy. His honesty and integrity are admirable and are the primary reason we had him represent us a second time.

Great job Doug! And thanks for helping us sell our unit.

Sean and Maja Williams









August 17, 2010


To Whom It May Concern:


Doug Grbic is highly knowledgeable real estate agent and friendly and approachable at the same time.

He handled our sale on a very professional level keeping us posted for every change or possibility of a change on a daily basis.

The photo and video presentations as well as the postings on  the both Hamilton and Oakville Board , brought us an offer only after a week  ourhouse being on the market.

He was an excellent negotiator helping us to receive a price more than we expected and he really understood and appreciated our needs.


Keep up the excellent work Doug!!!


Frosina and Zoran Pocuca






Dearest Doug,

As we celebrate the anniversary of receiving the keys to our freehold townhome and begin our 5th year here;
Paul and I just wanted to thank you again for helping me firm up our wish list for finding our first home together.  
It was a tall order for these first time home owners.  Prior to Paul meeting you; he and I had been looking at
real estate ads for many years (not months) without taking it to the next step.  

I was happy with the selection of locations & choices of properties that we visited right from that first weekend in February.  You also listened well and Paul and I were both impressed by your practical advice & knowledge of the market.  

Our confidence in your professionalism and abilities during the negotiations and home inspection phases;
to receiving the keys to our dream home; made for a very pleasant experience.  I can still picture your smiling face,
when we all got back into our cars and headed for the highway that Sunday evening, after closing the deal at the sellers
real estate office.  You were as pleased for us as we were for you (to be your first sale).

Over the years we have without hesitation retold the story and recommended you to our neighbours and friends.  
We sincerely hope you are enjoying a successful career.  Any time you'd like to drop in and see my handiwork
in the front & back gardens; or want to show perspective clients what your first sale looks like, please don't
hesitate to give us a call,

Yours very truly

Paul & Deborah Gibbons


Deborah Marshall
Office Service Administrator, Client Services

Tel:   416.221.7001 ext. 282    Toll Free:  1.800.268.6613    Fax: 416.221.0350     deborah.marshall@greenshield.ca

Green Shield Canada
5140 Yonge Street, Suite 2100

Toronto, ON  M2N 6L7



Doug Grbic Testimonial

Corey & Lori Clark

1185 Potters Wheel Crescent, Oakville ON


Dear Doug;


Our family would like to thank you for helping us purchase our first home. With your professional guidance and knowledge, you were able to make our dream home become a reality. You really cared for us through every step of the purchasing process and we really admire your dedication and commitment to us.


We definitely recommend you to anyone who is seeking assistance during such an important time in their lives. We look forward to staying in touch with you down the road and referring any business to you that we encounter.





Corey and Lori Clark


August 2, 2010


Century 21 Miller Real Estate

467 Speers Road

Oakville ON L6K 3S4



To Century 21 management staff


RE: Doug Grbic


My name is Milana Krasulja, my family and I have been dealing with Doug Grbic since April 2010. We have put our house on market with him (14-100 Quigley Road, Hamilton), and we bought another house with him (566 Greenhill Avenue, Hamilton). Both my family and I are extremely satisfied with Doug’s great customer service skills and his very professional work. He has helped us with our decision making in regards where to buy another property. His great personality and ability to communicate very professionally has made us really enjoy the times between buying and selling. Overall, Doug is a great agent and it was pleasure working with him for the few months. In near future, we will be more than willing to work with Doug again.


Thank you






Vaso Krasulja, Visnja Krasulja and  Milana Krasulja







"Dear Century21 members and clients,

I have personally employed Mr. Doug Grbic skills with my first home purchase.  This was a pleasant experience for a new grad who was at that time starting her career as Registered Nurse and who was looking to establish an independent life style.

Mr.Grbic was capable of listening to my specific needs necessary to create a home of my own.  As young woman, purchasing a home for the first time was an intimidating experience with many terms and conditions that were not clear to me.  Doug was able to help me understand how purchase of a home works and more so to analyze the market at that time to best fit my needs as a young adult.  He e-mailed to me some comparable listings in area I was interested and analyze the pros and cons of certain listings.  He was very punctual when meeting with me and my family who also accompained through the process and he demostrated patients and knowledge while answering many of our questions.  When I finally made my choice of a home, he helped me get through the purchasing process smoothly and easily reffering me to other sources necessary to conclude the purchase.

After dealing with Doug with my first home purchase, I have gained confidence based on knowledge and advice he has provided me.  I will consider Doug and contact him for my next home, whether that is a home for my family or for an investment.

Doug is not simple real estate agent; he's teacher, a friend and advisor, especially when dealing with first home purchase.  If I could describe Doug in few adjectives, it would be: honest, punctual, polite, caring ancompassionate, understanding, knowledgeable and many more that can't fit in here.  He is an excellent agent when it comes to dealing for the first time home purchase.  I advise anybody, but especially young adults to utilize Doug's services.

I strongly believe that Doug is a resourceful and knowledgeable agent who can make your home purchase a pleasant and smooth experience.  He is caring and will treat you respecfully as a whole person and not like some other client. 

Doug is a great real-estate agent.

I'm young psychiatric nurse at St. Joseph Hospital who is happy to have a home like the one I have today and I thank Doug for that.


Aleksandra Todic, RN"


"Dear Doug
With these few words we can't express our gratitude for everything that you did for us and helped us in purchase of our first home.  In you we got a better friend then all our friends here in Canada after just a few months of knowing you. Your enthusiasm and persistance were bigger than ours and we thank you thousand times for that.Your faith in us was huge and because of that we dont have words of gratitude to thank you enough.  Everything that we want for us and our family thats what we wish for you too and we hope that our friendship wont end up on purchase of this house but it will last untill the rest of our lives.  Million times thank you".
Yours truly Tomislav i Dubravka

Dear Doug and Century 21,

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for

everything you have done for me and my family. You

worked very closely and diligently with my mother

Sally on the sale of her Oakville home. Your

commitment and professionalism during the drawn out

process was greatly appreciated. Your patience and

knowledge was evident in your approach and willingness

to try different things. You worked with Sally until

the sale was complete and were fair in your rates.

Now, as Lily and I look for a new home, you have made

every effort to let us know of all new properties

coming available in the area we want to live in. I am

very pleased with your e-mail updates and your

prompted service in viewing each property. As we get

closer to finding the home of our dreams, I am happy

to say that I look forward to you and Century 21

selling my existing home as I know it will be a

pleasant experience. Thank you again for all your

hard work and I hope we will have many other

opportunities to work together.


Donna Guculj and Family.